Saturday, 13 October 2012

Jazz Hands

Hey Beauties...
As I mentioned in my haul post a couple of days ago I bought a gorgeous bronzey-pink glitter polish from H&M. The main reason I picked up this polish was to round up my purchase to an even number of ££'s. Mm am I the only one who feels the need to do that!? Haha. Money burns a hole in my pocket. My strange habits aside, my magpie eyes drew me to this super sparkly lovely. I'd never used a H&M polish before but at £1.50 I wasn't risking a huge amount. However in all honesty I am a tad disappointed, it smells very chemically and strong, it comes with a tiny brush which means it takes at least four strokes to do one nail and Ive used it twice and already its got really gloopy :( Saying that for £1.50 it does make a lovely polish for a statement nail or tip as seen above. The base colour I have used is L.A Colors Plum Wine, I haven't a bad word to say about L.A Colors polish: They apply like a dream and are available in a rainbow of gorgeous shades for just 99p a pop!
Love Sian xoxo

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