Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday Night Procrastination Session

It's 9:30 Tuesday 1st October 2012. I have a very important, first assignment of the year, 1000 word Reflective writing piece due in to my tutor in exactly 7 days, 12 hours and 30 minutes... Have I started it yet? Nope. Well needn't worry I of course will have devised an amazingly foolproof essay plan and it will be easy peasy for me to complete it.. Mmm no, not quite. In fact I haven't even a clue what topic I'm going to write about! See I am what they like to call a procrastination master! I put most things off to the last minute and spend every minute up until that minute dreading about the last minute! Make sense to you? No, me neither :( It makes no sense to me that I have spent the past 4 and a half hours after returning home from work doing everything in my power to keep myself away from my college work: I have had a rather leisurely 45 minute shower, I've applied a deep conditioning treatment to my hair and a pore refining mask to my face, I have read far more than Molly's usual two chapters per night of our current book, Roald Dahl's Matilda, I've spent about 20 minutes sorting out the dreaded odd sock drawer - yes, even that is preferable to actually doing some blooming work!! Oh a silly silly girl I am.

On a slightly brighter note, I am very happy with my special procrastination night manicure! A Primarni polish would you believe it! I have only recently started buying Primarni's nail polish and I have to say I'm very impressed. Four polishes for £2? Don't mind if i do! I have a set of metallic shimmery polishes which has the most gorgeous bronze green in it and a more subtle nude and darks collection. Tonight I'm wearing a 'my nails but better' nude shade with Barry M's pink iridescent layered over the top, it looks like a little fairy has sprinkled her dust over my nails :) I love layering glitter over nudes, its not too OTT and makes my hands instantly look neat and well groomed. As this is a Primarni polish it doesn't have a name or number but it is quite a recent purchase so should still be in stock in most stores.

Pretty aren't they :) So tomorrows a new day and I absolutely must and most definitely will start on my assignment! Although I could really do with sorting out my make up storage.... Ha!
Love Sian xoxo


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