Sunday, 14 October 2012

What's In Thursday Girl's Bag (Grey Focco Edition)

Happy Sunday Beauties...

Having seen this post on numerous other blogs and loved reading them, I thought I would give it a go. Its so interesting seeing what other girls have in their bags, what their rooms look like etc, nosey me :) So hopefully this will also make for an interesting post for some of you to read.

My day to day bag at the moment is the Grey Focco - I've had the Tan version for quite a while and have been loving it, it can fit everything I'd ever need for work, college or shopping, it's comfortable to carry thanks to the shoulder strap and it looks great with its soft faux leather and studded bottom - So I decided to pick up the Grey version for a barginous £13.99 here.

Large Pink Notepad//Bunting Pattern Diary//Clear Green Pencil Case//Leopard Print Sequined Make up Bag//Pink Jelly Headphones//Keys//Chewing Gum//River Island Purse.
These are the items that remain in my bag no matter what I'm doing: If I'm at college I will usually carry more books, If at work I'd have some snacks and drinks on me.
I like to always carry a notepad as it means any spare minute I get can be used productively, going over notes or writing down ideas.
Ive had the purse for nearly three years! Its still going strong and looks good, River Island purses really last and usually cost between £10 and £15.
I think keys, headphones and chewing gum are pretty self explanatory. I do of course always carry my phone on me as well, but used it for taking these pictures, its an old Iphone 3gs :( am dying to get an Iphone 5, but don't know whether its worth the added expense!

Antibacterial Handgel//L'octaine Handcream//Toothpaste//Toothbrush//Maybelline Pressed Powder//Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm.
I don't often take a full make up bag out with me but these are the items I wouldn't be without! If I'm wearing a lip colour during the day I will chuck that in too. The Lush lip balm smells so gorgeous and tastes yummy too!! Its the first Lush lip balm Ive tried and I cannot wait to try more when this is finished.
Hope you're having a lovely relaxed day :)
Love Sian xoxo 


  1. Really need to try the Fit Me powder!I was unsure about the iphone 5 too - ended up uprgading from a 4 to a 4s! haha

    Just to say thankyou for commenting on my childrens book post and taking time out of your day :) very kind of you - didnt think anybody would reply at all! :) xx

  2. To be honest babe I wouldnt recommend the fit me powder - the sponge applicator is useless, you dont get anywhere near as much powder as you'd think as the majority of the box is.. well box lol and the powder itself isnt anything special! My search for the perfect pressed powder continues (nothing beats loose powder for a lovely smooth finish in my eyes).

    Not a problem, Molly spent ages deciding her fave book bless her :)