Friday, 12 October 2012

Thursday's Girl in Photos

The two most stylish under 10s ever//Fresh Meat//New Cobalt Blazers//Cute Homemade card from Countryside Live//Wicked//Studded RI collar//Studying//Pj's and Pasta//Playing tourists in London Town//New Grey Focco//Glitter Gradient Nails attempt//DIY studded Military Jacket//Earl Grey and Galaxy//Mag freebies and Lunch//My Heavenly Bed//Me and my boy//Homemade Meze by Mummy//Girls Night Out Obligatory loo photo//Latest Reads// Mol and Kitkat :)

Hey Beauties...

Here's a few photos from the last month or so, I've been saving up enough to do a worthwhile post... It's been a pretty busy couple of weeks what with the new school term starting and juggling work with mine and Molly's very hectic schedules.

In other news season 2 of C4's Fresh Meat started on Tuesday! I absolutely love this programme especially Vod.. So funny, I want to live in the Fresh Meat house. Sadly I've always missed out on a lot of the uni shenanigans (perhaps because I use the word shenanigans?) as I've never lived in halls or anywhere nearby :( Anyhow.. Its a great programme and if you haven't already seen it then defo 4OD it when you get a chance!

Ive got all weekend off work, no assignments due in - A weekend of pure relaxation which I fully plan to take advantage of :) Starting with a bath bomb, a few candles, PJ's and a film. Tomorrow I'm going to hit the shops with my Mum and finish off with a bit of DIY Sunday!

Have you got any plans this weekend??

Love Sian xoxo

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