Saturday, 10 November 2012

MUA Nail Constellations in Scorpio (with Bourjois Bleu Violet)

Firstly I'd like to apologise for not posting much lately, I have no excuse. Life happened. A few things are going pretty badly at the moment and a lot of things are going really well - cup half full and all that :) I finally seem to have got the time to be doing a few posts this weekend and then after that I plan to post twice weekly!

Onto the review - I finally managed to get my hands on this little beauty Tuesday, after placing a small MUA order the week before. I got a magnetic polish, a cream blush and a lipstick too, I'm sure they will all be featured on here very soon. I had been wanting to order this in Gemini or Leo but as its autumn/winter I thought this warm toned set of beads would be more appropriate.

I know that every blogger and their mother has these now and therefore I wont talk much about the formula or application, all I will say is that I found it to be much easier to apply than I'd expected.

I chose to only apply the beads to my ring finger and paint the rest of them in this nail varnish, Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine in Bleu Violet. I would describe this as a purple toned navy rather than a blue toned purple as it looks in the bottle. This polish was given to me by a friend who found she didn't suit the colour, its the only Bourjois polish I own and to be honest I doubt I would have picked it up myself as I find the colour range is very limited and the price to be rather high (can be bought cheaply on Amazon as per link above) for a high street brand. Having said this I'm quite impressed with the formula and finish on my nails, its a great partner for my Nail Consteallations too :)

                                                                  With topcoat

                                                                      Without topcoat

The MUA website advises you to use a topcoat over the beads but as you can see in the images above this slightly takes away some of the colour of the beads, particularly the green, purple and red beads with Scorpio. This has disappointed me a bit but I'm hoping the topcoat will help the beads to stay put longer as I do still love the look of my nails with this on.

Overall I'm very impressed with MUA's dupe for Ciate's Caviar Nails, I hope MUA bring out shades of this for the rest of the star signs as I want to see what my star sign Virgo looks like!

You can buy MUA Nail Constellations in Superdrug or on MUA's website for £3.

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