Sunday, 18 November 2012

Thursday's Girl in Photos #3

Tuesdays failed ootd featuring leopard print h&m skater and tan Chelsea boots //Yummy limonata//
Grey and copper notd//Fridays face//James Arthur survives another week on Xfactor - Love him! Watch//Finally got my shelf up after months of moaning at anyone and everyone who knows how to use a drill!//The new season of Big Bang started Thursday :)//Over-sized chunky knit from Primark

Hey Beauties...

Bit of a small week in photos from me today - I've been spending a lot of time studying and getting stuff done at home. I'm also on a self imposed spending ban in an effort to save money before Christmas and so I can start to use up some old products and get  more wear out of the clothes and accessories I already own! It's been 6 days since I bought myself anything pretty and I'm feeling the strain already :( anyone else have this problem!?

Hope you've all had a more interesting week than me?
Sian xoxo


  1. I find it impossible to go a single day without buying something. I'm not necessarily talking about clothes/make-up etc but there's always a little something on ebay or something I need from the corner shop. It's so hard!

    And go James Arthur!!

    1. Its been so hard! I've done okay this week but I know I will eventually have to venture into a shopping centre to finish my xmas shopping, thats allowed right!? Just as long as I dont gift myself (hmmm.. tempting!) xx

      p.s James arthur said he will be doing something 'sexxxy' this week - cannot wait!! :D

  2. I majorly have this problem - I think I buy something for myself pretty much everyday, even if it's just chocolate!

    Jo x amomentwithjo

    1. I caved today and bought a few lip products - oh the shame - I'l review soon :) xx