Sunday, 11 November 2012

Thursday's Girl in Photos #2

Hey Beauties...

Its been far too long since I did my first and only catch up in photos post so I have quite a lot of stuff squeezed into this one post. From now on I'm hoping to do a Thursday's Girl in Photos post once a week either on a Sunday or Monday.

Ive been a bit poorly lately, probably due to the change in weather but also something to do with a recent night out in which I insisted on wearing a skirt and tube top with no jacket or tights well into the early hours of the morning. Silly girl. I'm just starting to get better and although my cough is still really bad I'm past the disgusting cant move phase of the bug so YAY me :)

Earlier today I ventured out to meet my Dad and little brother Aran for a yummy Sunday lunch in the pub and to watch the football - I say watch the football but all I really did is check Twitter on my phone and ask my brother the score occasionally whilst stuffing my face with chocolate fudge cake and cider!

Last week my boyfriend and I went to see the hilarious Frankie Boyle's tour The Last Days of Sodom over at Cliff's Pavillion in Southend on Sea - we had a lovely night. I gave the tickets to my boyfriend for his birthday back in September and he's been counting the days ever since, he's a massive fan of comedy, in particular the dark and controversial Frankie Boyle type of comedy. This is Frankie's last tour so if any of you get the opportunity to go see him then do as I'm sure you'll love it as much as we did :)

Watching my all time fave programme // Ickle Baby Bot Bath // Yummy biscuits my waistline does not thank me for // My sick bed // Minestrone Hug in a Mug // Molly's Nails

Hot sweet tea and Millie's cookies after a long day at work // Freebie Bad Gal Lash in Instyle//Pastel Pink and Purple Glitter nails // Yummiest Lemon Meringue Cupcake from Tesco // Mols all wrapped up ready for the Circus // Me and my bestie in a rather large ornate mirror at our local pub.
Monster bowl of sweeties ready for Halloween // Much needed junk food // My hands getting into the festive spirit // Cute Jean Paul Gaultier Diet Coke // Ultimate guilty pleasure of mid afternoon milky coffee, toast with bovril and towie catch up // A snap from a recent family dinner inc my cousin, little brother and sister, my mols and me
Emmerdale catch up // New studded clutch from New Look // Molly as a witch // Pretty Pink French Mani // Toadstool mushrooms we found on a woodland walk // Crisp Autumn leaves
Hope your all having a lovely evening :)
Love Sian xoxo

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  1. Great week in photo's :) I just love millie's cookies they are amazing! nearest shop to me is an hour away so don't have them that often.