Sunday, 11 November 2012

Umberto Giannini Incredible Body Volume Blow Dry Spray For Big Hair

In my quest for a perfectly smooth, shiny, volumnous, natural looking hair do
 I have tried all manner of products to help - salt sprays, dry shampoos, body boosting powders, various shampoos and conditioners and leave in conditioners designed for flat hair. Despite the ridiculous amount of money I've no doubt spent on my hair I've never tried a blow dry spray, partly because I believe that an in salon blow dry is impossible to recreate at home (especially by me) and a lot to do with the fact I cant be bothered/have the time available to spend 45mins+ on my hair - I'm very much a wash and go sort of girl.

I picked this up in Boots on a 3 for 2 offer a couple of weeks back, the other items I bought were both haircare repurchases. It is also available on ASOS and Amazon.

What Umberto Giannini say:
Incredible Body - Volume Blow Dry Spray for Big Hair - 200ml / £5.49
The Claims
Volume Blow dry Spray for Big Hair / Heat Protecting with Hold
Suitable for all hair types in need of volume
Creates big Hollywood hairstyles
How to
Spritz to roots and then lengths of damp hair and blow dry
All you need is this and a wide barrelled brush for a long lasting big blow out
What I say:
The bottle is made of standard plastic which I like as its practical and durable - I could chuck this in my bag for a weekend away without worrying about spillage or smashing.
The design of the bottle is pretty pleasing to the eye, purple all over with gold lettering - no complaints whatsoever with the look of it.
This spray smells very fresh but with a strong chemically smell to it as well - this fades shortly after application to a more subdued and non-offencive scent. It reminds me of Impulse Body Spray or something similar.
The formula of this is slightly tacky if over used but I've found that if i brush it through the lengths of my hair properly it leaves almost no residue. I have quite fine hair and have found this product doesn't make my hair greasy at all or leave too much of a build up on day old hair.
After spraying this generously onto the roots and lengths of my hair and brushing through I used my wide barrelled brush to blow dry my hair. It took me about 35 minutes to get through my hair (it usually takes around 45 minutes) which I'd sectioned into 3 on both sides of my head. My hair is about mid to long length and as mentioned before quite fine. I'm not sure if its the spray which reduced my drying time by ten minutes or whether its because I towel dried before hand.
Although this product claims to protect against heat I also used my usual Aussie Heat Defence cream and my Trevor Sorbie Leave in Conditioner to help brush through any knots and keep my hair soft.
After blow drying my hair was noticeably bigger and had a lot more swooshy (technical term) volume to it, my hair does tend to get quite frizzy as soon as I leave the house so I also smoothed a little serum through it and added a spritz of hairspray to seal it all in.
My hair did seem to be falling slightly by mid afternoon (7 hours post blow dry) this is amazing compared to how long my volume usually lasts (3-4 hours) I expect a little bit of a droop during the day anyway and this is easily fixed with a spritz of dry shampoo and a violent head bash (that sounds so bad) in the ladies loo's.
As this is the first blow dry spray Ive obviously not got much to compare it to, overall I'm pleased with this and for the price I would definitely consider repurchasing but perhaps I'll try another brand next time to compare it too! 

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