Friday, 16 November 2012

A tad jealous

So I've been waiting for today since the minute Breaking Dawn part 1 finished... You'd expect I'm getting myself ready for an evening of swoony R-Patz, vampire babies, awkward bella-isms and a giant hot dog, right!? Well no. I'm sitting at home sulking. Sulking that tonight I will not find out the ending to the phenomenon that is Twilight. Nor tomorrow night or the next. I have to wait until an opening appears in my only other Twilight loving friends schedule (to be fair she is working and not just being deliberately awkward) because no one else will go with me. My boyfriend point blank refuses (apparently he's asserting his manliness through cinema choices :/), my mum laughed in my face, Molly's to young (whatevs) and my other 'friends' - if that's what they call themselves - would rather eat their right foot than see it with me (I'm hoping this isn't personal).

So if any of you are seeing it tonight then do have a lovely time (don't worry about my irrational jealousy) I'll be fine miserable and let me know how it was :)

On a slightly less bitter note - I've just made my own DIY lip scrub using brown sugar and rapeseed oil mixed together in an old (cleaned out) carmex pot, it was super easy, works amazingly well and doesn't cost £5+ yes, Lush I'm looking at you! The rest of my night will be spent cuddled up in bed with my boy (whenever he makes it back from work - I hate Friday night traffic), films and a takeaway pizza (the diet starts tomorrow - as always). The rest of my weekend is free for whatever else takes my fancy, perhaps a walk in the woods, LOVE lazy weekends :)

Have any of you got any nice plans?

Sian xoxo


  1. If it's any consolation at all... I ended up going all by myself! *Hangs head in shame*... ;-)

    Jo x amomentwithjo

    1. I am considering that! On a nice low key thursday! Hmm maybe today :) Thanks for commenting xx