Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Review: Babyliss Smoothing Brush

Image c/o Boots

Babyliss are a brand I'm quite familiar with having tried their hairdryers, curling tongs and actually my first ever straighteners were a hot pink Babyliss pair. The brand is very reasonably priced and to my opinion their hair tools do exactly what they claim to. Until now I hadn't tried any of the brushes from this brand, whilst browsing Boots for a hair brush that I could use for blow drying without pulling out a lot of my fine hair or breaking the bank I found this, (unfortunatley I have already removed the packaging from mine as I wasnt sure if i would review it so have nicked this image from Boot's page) The Babyliss Smoothing Brush £9.49: this brush claims to smooth straight hair whilst giving a glossy finish and cutting down on breakage, it contains a mixture of nylon and pure bristles which help to distribute the hairs natural oils.
My hair is naturally quite wavy but when i blow dry it tends to fall straight-ish and flat, admittedly this brush doesn't claim to increase hairs volume at all but when using the right styling product and technique a voluminous blow dry can be easily achieved. I have definitely noticed a huge improvement in hair breakage / loss since using this brush, I no longer find piles of my hair in the brush (ick) and overall my hair does seem an awful lot smoother and glossier after I've used this brush. I do try not to brush my hair too much once its dry, preferring to use a wide toothed comb on just conditioned hair and a wide barrelled brush whilst drying, however at times when i do feel the need to brush my dry hair this works perfectly at not adding extra puffiness to my hair, even on next day hair.
Overall I'm very happy with this brush and would recommend it to anyone with hair care needs similar to mine.


  1. It's so hard to find a really good brush to dry your hair with, it makes such a big difference

    Please check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)



    1. I know! Tell me about it! Thanks for your comment lovely :) please feel free to follow me. I'll check out your blog now xx

  2. Im thinking about purchasing this brush but boots do not currently have it in stock :(